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Established in 1953 and now among the industry leaders, Trasmetal achieved thousends of pre-treatment, coating, drying and glazing plants worldwide, thanks to a know-how and experience in the design and construction of "turnkey" plants.


The competence of Trasmetal in the field of surface finishing ranges from immersion painting plants to electrophoresis and autophoresis that can be completed with the application of liquid or powder paints, sprayed with discs OFB (patent Trasmetal) or with guns.


The experience on painting plants is also linked with the technology relating to ceramic glazes, pre-treatment, application and melting furnaces.




Through the development of its technology and expertise, Trasmetal is able to guide and advise its customers in choosing the plants that best meet their needs, providing tailored systems.


Trasmetal also provides an After-Sales Service able to guarantee a spare-parts warehouse always available, technical operation specialists and also a constant monitoring of the state of the system with both scheduled visits by technicians with experience and remote assistance.


The shareholders of Trasmetal S.p.A. have always considered the Company a community of men and women who pursue their own satisfaction and the one of the Company, being the operational hub.
People are therefore the protagonists and beneficiaries of the life of Trasmetal and represent the decisive factor and the main source of wealth.
The role of our work, disciplined, creative and, as an essential part of it, the capacity for initiative and entrepreneurship is decisive.
We pursue profit as an indicator of good Company performance: the realization of profit means that the inputs have been adequately used and the corresponding human needs have been met.
However we do not make profit the only regulator and index of the life of the Company; we want to add to it the human and moral factors that, in the long run, are at least equally essential for the life of the Company and which we have expressed in our Code of Ethics.

The Company policy has as its objective the satisfaction of needs of various kinds such as:

keep a healthy company that produces profit
financial soundness and consolidation of the "investment grade" rating
maximum risk containment also through adequate insurance coverage
consolidate its position in the national and international market
search for innovation by constantly improving the technological level
gratification and professional growth
envisage continuity of the workplace for its employees and partners
the protection of health, safety and the environment

We consider fundamental and strategic the ability to satisfy these aspects, attributing the same level of importance and usefulness to all the actors involved:

Stakeholders and Directors
Employees and Collaborators
Customers and the Market
Suppliers and Partners
Society and Environment

Il Consiglio di Amministrazione

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