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The first and most important requirement for the correct execution of the painting process is a thorough cleaning of the surface involved; in fact, any foreign substance will impede or worsen the contact between the paint applied and the surface.

The main objectives of surface pre-treatment can be summarised as follows:


  • clean the treated surface from any residues of production (oils, grease, dust, etc) through washing with solvents or water-based detergents;


  • remove the products of superficial corrosion such as calamine, rust and oxides through pre-treatments with acid solutions (pickling);


  • increase workpiece resistance to corrosion and chemical agents by coating it with a layer anchored to the support, while at the same time modifying the superficial structure in order to facilitate paint adherence through phosphating (for carbon galvanized steel) or chromating or “free chrome” (for aluminium) or thanks to the nanotechnology.


The pre-treatment cycle is always terminated by means of a drying furnace.

Thanks to the consolidated collaboration with the largest producers of chemical substances, together with the Customer Trasmetal analyses all the necessary parameters (type of material to be treated and its starting conditions, aesthetics and/or protection levels required, balance of investment and management costs) and develops the process (timing, temperatures and concentration) and design conditions that allow the development of the pre-treatment cycle that best fits the Customer’s needs.

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